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PZEM-021 4in1 Multifunction DC 80-260V 20A LCD Display Voltage Current KWh Watt Panel
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A. function
1 measurement of electrical parameters (voltage, current, active power, power).
2 overload alarm function (over power alarm threshold, backlight and power flashing tips).
3 power alarm threshold preset function (can set their own power alarm threshold).
4 power button reset function.
5 power down data storage function.
6 screen LCD LCD screen full display function (at the same time display voltage, current, active power, power).
7 backlight function.
B. display and key
I. display interface
Display large screen LCD LCD screen display voltage, current, power, power parameters.
II. Display format
1 power: test range 0~4.5kW
0.0~999.9W display format 1kW;
1kW display format 1000~4500W.
2 power: test range 0~9999kWh
0~9999Wh display format 10kWh;
10kWh display format 10~9999kWh;
3 voltage: test range 80~260V
Display format 80~220V
4 current: test range 0~20A
Display format 0.00~20.00.
III. Key
1 backlight control
By pressing the button to turn on or turn off the backlight, backlight power down automatically save.
2 power cleared
Step 1: long press the button for 5 seconds until the number of the display window flashes, and then release the button;
Step 2: if you press the button again, the amount of data cleared and exit clear flicker state;
Step 3: if you press the button for as long as 5 seconds until it is no longer flashing, it means that the electricity data is not cleared and exit cleared state.
3 power alarm setting
Step 1: long press the button, when the LCD screen display "SET CLr" after the release button, enter the power value set state;
Step 2: power region shows the current value and the minimum power alarm digital start flashing, then through the press button on the digital +1, when there is no key operation for more than 3 seconds, automatically switch to digital, setting method;
Step 3: set up after the completion of the long press button for more than 5 seconds to automatically save the exit, the active power threshold setting range of 0 ~ 4.5kW.
C. notes
The 1 module is suitable for indoor and outdoor use can not.
2 the load should not exceed the rated power.
3 wiring order can not be mistaken.
D. specification parameters
1 working voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
2 test voltage: 80 ~ 260VAC
2 rated power: 20A/4500W
3 operating frequency: 45-65Hz
4 measurement accuracy: 1.0
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