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RT809H EMMC-NAND FLASH Programmer +51adapter Super Combination
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RT809H Programmer application software

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Full Support LCD TV FLASH drivers read and write unlimited capacity TSOP48 nand FLASH EMMC TSOP56 pin TOP8-16 pin Support CAR DVD, SMART TV.
The Only universal programmer which can automatically detect chip number for all Chips.
The only universal programmer which can put ic in any position and make intelligent sense.
The Only universal programmer Support Read and program Laptop I/O via keyboard line.
The Only universal programmer Support Read and Program LCD TV VIA VGA and HDMI PORT.
The Only universal programmer Support ADD new flash by yourself without wait for factory.
The Only universal programmer built in Most of repair applications TV,DVD,DVB,and many isp software.
The Only universal programmer make selftest for LCD TV itself and diagnostic fault.
The best programmer to read and programing flash on motherboard without removing out
Support Read and Programming OTP area .
Short description:
· 48-pins powerful pindrivers, no adapter required for any DIL devices
· ISP connector for in-circuit programming
· VGA port to read and write LCD TV-MONITORS without disassembly .
· HDMI port to read and write LCD TV-MONITORS without disassembly .
· Connection to PC: USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbit/s, high speed/full speed) and 1.1 compatible interface
· Comfortable and easy to use control program, works with all versions of MS Windows
· Can support any flash and very easy to add new flash .
· High programming speed.
· Advanced and powerful software functions.
· Online Technical Support is also available 24 hours .
· One Year warranty.
· Provides very competitive price coupled with excellent hardware design for reliable programming.
· the programmer performs device insertion test (wrong or backward position) and contact check (poor contact pin-to-socket) before it programs each device. These capabilities, supported by overcurrent protection and signature-byte check help prevent chip damage due to operator error.
· The selftest capability allow to run diagnostic part of software to thoroughly check the health of the programmer.
· Support Auto select for any series of flash including TSOP48-NAND-EMMC-PLCC,,ETC however Programmer is driven by an easy-to-use control program with pull-down menu, hot keys and on-line help. Selecting of device is performed by its class, by manufacturer or simply by typing a fragment of vendor name and/or part number.
· All known data formats are supported. Automatic file format detection and conversion during loading of file.
· The software also provide a special information about programmed device. As a special, the drawings of all available packages are provided
· The software provide a full information for ISP implementation: Description of ISP connector pins for currently selected chip, recommended target design around in-circuit programmed chip and other necessary information.
Packing List:
1 * RT809H universal programmer
1 * TSOP56 Adapter RT-TSOP56-A V1.1
1 * TSOP48 Adapter
1 * SOP44-DIP44 1.27mm (530mil) Adapter
1 * SOP28-DIP28 (300mil) Adapter
1 * SOP20-DIP20 (300mil) Adapter
1 * SOP16-DIP16 (300mil) Adapter
1 * Double SOP8-DIP16 CNV-SOP20 (208mil) Adapter
1 * SOP8-DIP8 CNV-SOP20 (208mil) Adapter
1 * SOP20-DIP20 CNV-SOP20 (208mil) Adapter
1 * SOP8-DIP8 CNV-SOP-DIP16 (150mil) Adapter
1 * SOP16-DIP16 CNV-SOP-DIP16 (150mil) Adapter
1 * PLCC44-DIP44
1 * PLCC44-DIP40
1 * PLCC32-DIP32
1 * PLCC28-DIP28
1 * PLCC28-DIP24
1 * PLCC20-DIP20
1 * SSOP28 to DIP28
1 * TSSOP8 to DIP8
1 * KB9012 board
1 * SOP8 IC Clip
1 * TSOP-VSOP-SSOP adapter
1 * ITE 29/39/49/50 series 32/40/48 feet adapter
1 * Multipurpose ISP-DuPont-Header Adapter
1 * EC NPEC288 NPEC388 PCB Board
1 * TSOP28Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP28Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP20Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP20Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP16Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP16Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP14Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP14Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP10Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP10Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * TSOP8Pin 0.65mm Adapter Board
1 * SOP8Pin 1.27mm Adapter Board
1 * QFN8-DIP8 Programador Adapter WSON8-DIP8 8x6mm 6x5mm
1 * SOP8/MSOP8/SSOP8/SOP16-DIP16 simple Adapter
1 * Adapter SOP8-DIP8 simples
1 * 1.8V Conversion Block 25 series low voltage chip adapter
2 * ISP Cable
1 * ICSP Cable
1 * RT-SOP-A ISP Cable
1 * LCD LED screen EDID Cable
1 * IC Chip Extractor
1 * Suction Pen
1 * USB Cable
1 * VGA Cable
1 * FFC Line 200MM 0.5mm-32P
1 * FFC Line 200MM 1.0mm-32P
1 * FPC Base Under 0.5mm-32P
1 * FPC Base Under 1.0mm-32P
1 * Anti-Static Wristband Wrist Strap Band ESD Discharge PC Electricity Grounding
1 * VGA to HDMI Line Cable (It is suitable for reading and writing of TV without VGA interface Note: Use for TV HDMI port with TX/RX function only)
Brief description:

eMMC reading test 2 GB with outlet 

eMMC write verify button 2GBytes with nest 

NAND Read Verify 64Gbits 

NAND Read Verify 1Gbits 

NAND WRITE Verify 1Gbits

SPI NAND Read Verify 1Gbits

SPI NAND _WRITE Verify 1Gbits

NOR Read Verify 512Mbits

NOR WRITE Verify 512Mbits

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Good product, fast delivery.
Good support for buyers, thank the company 
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Thank you very much, the delivery is super,
Packed perfectly, everything works as laid,
  best wishes to the store I am very happy. I recommend to everyone 
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Большое спасибо, доставка супер, упаковано отлично,всё работает как проложено, наилучшие пожелания магазину я очень доволен. Всем рекомендую
Thank you very much, the delivery is super,
Packed perfectly, everything works as laid,
best wishes to the store I am very happy. I recommend to everyone 
   Reviewer:by Mr. S***c  
Chegou muito rápido, Com todos os itens, muito bem embalado. Parabéns a Jason, Fenny Lee e Sandy. Vocês são espetaculares! 
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thanks for your gift 
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Большое спасибо! 
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